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Question asked by Joe Holiday on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by Seow Woo Quek

I am invoking iap_entry to force it into ISP mode using UART 0, regardless of the ISP0/1/2 pin state.  I use ISP_ReinvokeISP provided in fsl_iap.h with these arguments:


uint32_t status = 0;

IAP_Reinvoke(1, &status);  // Argument 1 as 1 forces booting into ISP UART mode according to documentation


However, this always fails with status = ERR_ISP_REINVOKE_ISP_CONFIG


This is on a LPC51U68 using the LPCXpresso demo board.  I do have UART clocks enabled at this time.


Does this processor support iap_entry to boot into ISP mode?  Or are there other conditions I need in place before calling ISP_ReinvokeISP?