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i.MX RT1052 Boot from SD Card Error

Question asked by Pavan Kote on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

Ravi Chawda



HW:- i.MX RT1052 development board and cutom RT1052 board
Reference File for creating .sb file:- AN12107.pdf

Tool to Program:- MfgTool2.exe


We are using MFG tool to program an image to SD Card and Boot from the SD Card.


If our image is less than 64KB it work's fine with success.


If our image is more than 64KB it give's error with kStatusMemoryCumulativeWrite.



Please take a look at log file attached below.


Is there any size limitations defined in bootloader lessthan 64KB binary file.