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How to Configure/Write code for SPT

Question asked by Ankush Sangwan on Jan 29, 2019



I just started reading about SPT from the docs but still, I am not clear about it. Please help to clear my doubts.


>  As per my knowledge for configuring SPT we have to write the code in Assembly language but I do not know where to write it in S32 Design studio for Power Architecture.

> Did I have to use  SPT graph tool to write or configure the  SPT. If yes then how I can use it in SDK.

> For debugging did I have to use Lauterbach Power Debug or I can use PEmicro debugger.


Please help me for the proper understanding of SPT configuration. I already go through the example present in S32R274 SDK but there also I did not found any assembly code for configuring SPT. 


> Is there any example(like FIR filter or anything) or Tutorial for SPT with a proper explanation than, please share.