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FreeMaster :  Unable to establish Serial Connection Error : 0x80004005

Question asked by Satish Singh on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by stanish

Hello , 

I am currently using the S32K148EVB-Q176 evaluation board, and am trying to setup the serial communication.

and have the below error while using the default configuration.

So could you please let know how to set the required configuration.


The below is the SDA info

<title>OpenSDA Hardware</title>
function send_data() {document.forms[0].submit();}
window.onload = function(){send_data();}
<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="">
<input name="tag" type="hidden" id="tag" value="description" />
<input name="BOARD" type="hidden" id="BOARD" value="S32K148EVB-Q144" />
<input name="BOOTVER" type="hidden" id="BOOTVER" value="1.13" />
<input name="APPVER" type="hidden" id="APPVER" value="1.21" />
<input name="DUID" type="hidden" id="DUID" value="12933938-0FC481BD-374CA81B-D259E678" />
<input name="EUID" type="hidden" id="EUID" value="0C11A239-9DA6874F-184BCA08-F86268D6" />
<input name="TUID" type="hidden" id="TUID" value="74823938-47328196-8568E008-F24A984A" />
<input name="TOA" type="hidden" id="TOA" value="86B6E505-CDF9FB16-8E4DA2CA-C28EF0D3" />
<input name="TOA2" type="hidden" id="TOA2" value="86B6E505-C29744A5-7F679E62-5743B642" />
<input name="SUID" type="hidden" id="SUID" value="86B6E505-5BC18987-37239804-8003EC65" />
<input name="MICROVER" type="hidden" id="MICROVER" value="1.08" />
<input name="APPNAME" type="hidden" id="APPNAME" value="PEMicro S32K148EVB-Q144 Mass Storage/Debug App" />