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iMX6 is slower than ZYNQ(xilinx). Somebody please help me.

Question asked by ym han on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by igorpadykov


I have three boards.

   1. EVM  imx6q-sabresd. quad core 1GHz, DDR3 1GB 533MHz. kernel ga kernel

   2. EVM xilinx zynq , dual core 866Mhz, DDR3 1GB 533MHz. kernel 4.4.....

   3. custom design board imx6DL dual core 1GHz,DDR3 1GB 400MHz.kernel ga kernel


I ran the attached program and measured lap times.


   condition. CPU Governor = performance, DVFS = disable, root=/dev/ram0

      1. imx6q, avg. 96.. sec (evm sdcard image, )

      2. zynq,   avg.  75.. sec

      3. imx6dl avg. 110.. sec

   condition. CPU Governor = performance, DVFS = enable, root=/dev/ram0

      1. imx6q, avg. 96.. sec

      2. zynq,   avg.  75.. sec

      3. imx6dl. avg.  110.. sec


I think that Imx6 should have a shorter lap time than ZINQ.

I do not know why this results.

I made a lot of trial and error to reduce the lap time of imx6.

Now, I do not know what to do to reduce imx6's lap time.

I want to be helped on this matter.


Q1. How much is the lap time on your board??

        Please run "test_cputest.o" on the attachment from the board and let us know the lab time.

Q2.  If your board has a lap time of less than 80~70 sec, Help me with any special way to improve CPU performance.


There are three attachments. Attachments are source, executable and kernel config.

Please help me~~~!