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LSIO GPIO Driver in SCFW 1.1 not working

Question asked by Muthusubramanian Vengataraman on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by 希 刘
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We have our custom board based on iMX8QXP. We are using the SCFW1.1. Trying to toggle a LSIO GPIO pin using the GPIO Driver interfaces provided in the SCFW documentation.

But the GPIO driver is accessing a different register base address that corresponds to FGPIO instead of the GPIO.


For e.g 


static inline void GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO_Type *base, uint32_t pin, uint8_t output)
if (output == 0U)
base->PCOR = 1 << pin;
base->PSOR = 1 << pin;

The PCOR and PSOR are not part of LSIO GPIO subsystem as per the reference manual.

Is the LSIO GPIO is not supported in the current SCFW1.1 version?

If so is there a plan to support in the future versions?