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How to implement mke15z bootloader

Question asked by jiajiang zhang on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Felipe García


Hello!This is the first time for me to use mke15z MCU, and the platform I used is expresso.Now I have a very urgent project, which needs to implement the function of bootloader. The specific requirements are: the interface of the controller prompts the customer whether to update the application program?If so, the update is sent via bluetooth.


Since I was the first time to learn bootloader, I found a lot of materials on the Internet, but I felt very scattered. I did not know which one should be my key point to learn. For example, the materials on my hand are as follows (etc.) :

1.Kinetis KE1xZ sub-family Reference Manual

2.MCU Bootloader v2.5.0 Reference Manual

3. The Document Number: AN2295

4. SDK_2. 5.0 _MKL82Z128xxx7


But after watching it once or twice, I still felt clueless and didn't know whether the direction of learning was right or wrong.I would like to ask the expert, can you tell me which one to learn in the first step, which one to learn in the second step and what to look at in the end? I hope there is a complete process to implement bootloader.


Bootloader implementation is mainly to learn ROM bootloader and flash-resident bootloader. I am a novice, how to achieve this function in a short time, I hope you can help me, thank you very much!