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i.MX6SoloX EIM bus timing parameters

Question asked by Alex Ivchenko on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Artur Petukhov

I'm using asynchronous mode on the bus. So APR=0, SRD=0

I'm basing my parameters on theFigure 23-4  diagram p.1013 of i.MX6SoloX Processor Reference Mamual, Rev.2 9/2017

My EIM CLK is 99MHz

I'm setting RWSC to 10, RCSA=1, RADVA=1 RADVN=1, RCSN=1, OEN=1, WCSA=1, WEA=1, WADVA=1, BEA=1, WADVN=1, WCSN=1, WEN=1, BEN=1

I expect a waveform with CS and OE asserted one clock after read start and lasting 8 clock cycles.

While the timing looks acceptable to me my problem is that CPU inserts long (160ns) delays between read cycles. The code to read the bus is straightforward and contains of four consecutive reads from a bus address (CS2)

        *(u32*)val = *(u32*)0x54000000;
        *(u32*) val= *(u32*)0x54000004;

        *(u32*)val = *(u32*)0x54000000;
        *(u32*)val = *(u32*)0x54000004;



1. Is RWSC indeed a time of the whole read cycle (and WWSC for write cycle)?

What I need is /CS2 and /OE (or /WE) to get asserted at the beginning of a read/write cycle and then released one EIM clock before the next cycle.

Are there any CPU limitations for the minimal time between back-to-back transactions on EIM bus?