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RT 1020 Firmware update using Flashloader

Question asked by Ashish Pradhan on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Ashish Pradhan
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I have a MIMRT1020-EVK board.

Following the AN12238 i.MX RT Flashloader Use Case ( ) . Though this document is written for 1050, I assume the steps would be the same for 1020.

  1. Boot into Serial Downloader" mode. (SW8 settings , off,off,off,on).
  2. Verified that the SDPhost tool can communicate with BootROM of MIMRT1020-evk using UART interface. (error-status command)
  3. Successfully download the flashloader.bin located at "\Flashloader_RT1020_1.0_GA\Tools\mfgtools-rel\Profiles\MXRT102X\OS Firmware\"  (sdphost.exe -d -p COM25 write-file 0x20000000 ivt_flashloader.bin)
  4. Start up the flashloader image (sdphost.exe -d -p COM25 jump-address 0x20000400)
  5. Verify the communication with a running Flashloader (blhost.exe -d -p COM25 get-property 1) Failed!

Get error- "Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command."

Notice that the USB did not re-enumerate to VID/PID 0x15A2/0x0073. We remain at 1FC9/130.

Attached is the console log.


Repeated the above with usb (-u) option same issue.


What am I missing here?