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LPCXpresso54628 - LWIP - bare metal - CGI

Question asked by Alessandro Hebda on Jan 25, 2019
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I downloaded the lpcxpresso54628_lwip_httpsrv_bm example from SDK.
I managed to configure a costum webpage, and to display it also on the LCD.


Now i'm trying to send some data from the client (web browser) to my server (LPC Board), but i'm having some troubles.
I managed to activate the CGI in the project (#define LWIP_HTTPD_CGI            1 - httpd_opts.h), but now i'm stuck.


Is there any example how to use the CGI with the html's function GET?


I tried to google it, but apart the functions for CGI present in the httpd.h file, i didn't find anything else.


How and where have i to use this functions?


Thank you in advance