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Security Boot LPC1830

Question asked by Ken Su on Jan 27, 2019
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I have a question about LPC1830 security boot,

After reading the LPC1830 user manual and lpcscript user guide, the security boot will be:


Encrypt :  

      Call Image Manager to encrypt the binary image with the 128-bit key and add the required
header on PC side.

Program the AES 128-bit key:  

      Call LPCScrypt and pass a single command to program the AES 128-bit key into OTP
memory on the MCU.


After power reset, the boot code will decrypt the boot image by AES key and header,


Question1: Can I do this in my application code?




Because I will have two image, image 1 boot without security encrypt, image2 will encrypt by lpcscript tool , and the image1 will decrypt image2 to another ram(ex: SDRAM). In other words, my image1 do the job same as the ROM boot code. Is it possible? I think one of the problem is I don't know the header information added by lpcscript tool.

Or I don't need know the header information because AES engine will do this job, --> I can do the same as job as ROM boot code.



If my idea is not work, from user manual, the AES engine can use "key2" to decrypt data, the problem will be "how can I encrypt the image with lpcscript tool" and then decrypt this image by key2?