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TJA1102 dual PHY dependency of P1 with P0

Question asked by Iván on Jan 25, 2019

We have a design which includes a TJA1102HN dual PHY.


BroadR-Reach P0 works fine when is connected to a PC (using a fast Ethernet media adapter).

However BroadR-Reach P1 link is not up under some circumstances. For example, if P1 is connected to the PC and P0 is not connected there is no communication and the link of P1 is not up.
Workaround, if we connect P0 to the PC, then disconnect P0, and after connect the PC to P1 the connection works in P1. The link of P1 is up and there is traffic through this channel.


We want to solve this dependency of P1 with P0.


Do we have to configure some registers to avoid this dependency?
Is there any limitation for hardware point of view?