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i.mx8mq enet on M4 port

Question asked by Ladislav Sopko on Jan 25, 2019
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As I mentioned before #492353, I need handle enet from M4. I've already done a project in MCU expresso. I did manage to run it. with a port of fsl_phy and fsl_enet drivers. It run. I test it with board stopped in UBOOT ( later I'll remove enet from linux device tree, but now I just need to make it run). It initialise PHY and I have a successfull link up with full duplex and gigabit. But here starts my problems, When I write frame into the buffer, it remains there. I suppose that emac does not run, or it DMA or something, cause my frame don't go forward, it just remains in the memory buffer.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? What I forgot to do?


Thx in advance




P.S: There is all project from MCU Expresso in zip