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[ IMX8M - Max. number of cameras can the SoC support ] 

Question asked by David Trinh on Jan 24, 2019
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We are considering to use the IMX8 SoC for our next project in which the SoC is required to input 6 720p HD cameras simultaneously.  The IMX8M datasheet tells me that the SoC has 2 MIPI-CSI ports with virtual channel support for each port, which theoretically can input 8 cameras streams simultaneously. In case of the IMX6Q, the camera peripheral is handled by the IPUs subsystem which can input 4 camera streams (max.) via its MIPI-CSI because each IPU core can handle only 2 streams. However, neither the datasheet nor reference manual have detail descriptions about how MIPI-CSI camera streams are read into the IMX8M. As a result, I can not be sure if more than 4 cameras can be read simultaneously by the SoC. 

I would like to ask if it is possible to input 8 720p HD video streams into the SoC using its 2 MIPI-CSI ports in virtual channel input mode!? If not, what is the max. number of cameras that this SoC can support?!

Thank you.