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CodeWarrior debug on M5213EVB -- no usb connection...

Discussion created by Rich Testardi on Jan 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2009 by Rich Testardi
Hi all,
I'm helping someone with CodeWarrior 7.1 running against an M5213EVB board.
She can use the pemicro tool progcfz to program her board, but when we try to do anything with CodeWarrior, it says (sorry, this is all by phone) roughly "coldfire pe protocol adapter: no usb connection found".
Basically, she can't debug with CodeWarrior or use the Tools -> Flash Programmer.
I verified the following:
  Remote Debugging Connection: PEMICRO_USB
  CF Debugger Settings Target Processor: 5213, TargetOS BareBoard
Can anyone tell me:
a) is this supposed to work (i.e., interactive debugging with CodeWarrior on M5213EVB), and
b) what I should check or change to help her get going (she's doing flash and reset debugging now).
Thanks for any help!!!
I guess I have been lucky (and Freescale has been careful! :-) because all this always just works for me, so I have no idea what could be wrong!
-- Rich