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i2c on USB_H

Question asked by Jeroen van der Laan on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi There,


we're having a prototype based on an MCIMX6X1EVK10AB. We're experiencing some problems with i2c4 that we connected on USB_H_DATA & USB_H_STROBE. There are multiple issue here where I would like to have some information about.


We measure an voltage of 1.95V coming out of NVCC_USB_H (pin V5). In my understanding this is an input and the voltage is used for the pads USB_H_DATA & USB_H_STROBE (pins Y5&W5) even if configured for i2c use. As implied by this post: i.MX6SX GPIO voltage select (USB_H_STROBE) 


If I look at 35.5.375 and 35.5.376 from IMX6SXRM it describes operations at 3.3V which is higher then the maximum voltage of the mentioned post (table10 of IMX6SXCEC).


We would like to use i2c4 on USB_H with a level of 3.3V is this possible? We can except voltage levels of 1.8V but prefer 2.5V if 3.3V is not possible.


What is the proper way to connect and configure our board?

Should we apply a voltage on NVCC_USB_H can we configure this element?

What should be the proper configuration of the pads in a dts file for Linux?


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Jeroen van der Laan