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Question asked by akanksha srivastava on Jan 24, 2019
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I want to Know


  1. FTM module which generates interrupt after every 100ms 
  2. I have included the ADC software trigger code in the same example code, where software triggers the ADC0 (CH12) to start it's conversion in the FTM interrupt 


This code is working with ADC0 CH12 as well as CH9 but when I tried to do the same on CH3 it didn't work.


As per reference manual ADC0 CH0-3 requires different triggering method, since we do not have any example code for it.


Could you tell us-

  1. What steps we should follow to configure those ADC0 CH0-3
  2. Is that ok, if we used different triggering scheme for CH0-3 and different one for other channels of same ADC