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TA_PROG_SFP PIN for secure boot fuse programming

Question asked by Mauro Moioli on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by ufedor

Hi all,

we are working on a new board based on LS1012A SOC that includes secure boot feature. The TA_PROG_SFP PIN that enables secure boot has to be powered with 1.8V to burn internal fuses.

According to the LS1012A DS, "For all other operating conditions, TA_PROG_SFP must be tied to GND.". This create a manufacturing issue since we need to program the board and then, rework it with a 0ohm.


Here my questions:

1. Is it acceptable to tie TA_PROG_SFP to GND by a 100ohm resistor?

2. What would be the maximum resistor value?


Thank in advance for your support.