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LPC546xx UM10912 AHBCLKCTRL0[3] = SRAM1 Reset Value

Question asked by Daniel Gull on Jan 24, 2019
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LPC546xx User Manual UM10912

Rev. 2.1

9 November 2017




Table 139 AHB Clock Control register 0 (AHBCLKCTRL0, main syscon: offset 0x200) bit description


documents the Reset value after boot to be 0 for


Bit                    --> 3

Symbol                 --> SRAM1

Description            --> Enables the clock for SRAM1. 0 = Disable; 1 = Enable.

Reset value after boot --> 0


I cannot see that the "Reset value after boot" is 0 in my debugger. The bit is set to 1.

Is this a typo in the User Manual?

If yes, can this be corrected in the next release of this User Manual?


Many Thanks