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MMA8653FCR1 z-Axis stuck high

Question asked by Leonardo Leone on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Tomas Vaverka



We are using the following accelerometer MMA8652FCR1 since quite a time now (more than 3 years). As we had some supply management issues we used the MMA8653FCR1 as a second source and are now facing quality issues with this device. A detailed in-house analysis is ongoing to check which parts are affected.


The MMA8653FCR1 is facing the following problems

1) We have the problem that z-axis (most of the problems) is stuck high at a value of 2048 (Hex 0x800) ( for quite a percentage of the devices  (between 5 to 10%)

2) We can eliminate this issue by a small shock. So it's a physical issue, not a software bug.


Do you have any ideas, where this issue comes from or did you ever had similar issues with this device?


Best Regards Leonardo