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S32V234: LINUX CLI command to read/write a memory mapped register

Question asked by Balaji Mohan on Jan 23, 2019

What LINUX CLI command will use to read.write a peripheral registers for S32V234.

I have tried "devmem2", but its not printing a right value.


Example: To dump SIUL2_MIDR1 register. 

Memory mapped base address for SIUL2 is 0x40006C000. Based on S32V234 reference manual, offset for SIUL2_MIDR1 is 0x4.


using devmem2 command and tried to dump a SIUL2_MIDR1(0x40006C04) register and terminal output is given below:



root@s32v234bbmini:~# devmem2 0x4006C008
/dev/ 1010.557066] Synchronous External Abort: synchronous external abort (0x92000210) at 0x0000007fb79a7008
mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7fb79a7000.

Bus error


SDK version: Auto-BSP (18.0)