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iMX RT GPIO / PAD / Peripherals

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by Mark Butcher

Hi All

After working with the iMX RT 1020 for a short amount of time I have been rather surprised at the complexity of matching up GPIOs (which I believe most programmers 'think' in) with PADs (which the chip designers probably think in) and pin peripherals (which are related to both but rather muddled up). I also noted that the EVBs circuit diagram references pads and not even GPIOs on the chip!


In the data sheet and user's manual I don't find an overview of these so I have created a spread sheet to make life somewhat easier.


It is attached and I would like to know whether this is of interest / use to programmers and circuit designers? If not, please explain how you are working out these things from the manual alone ;-)