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LPC1769 at high speed baudrates (>3Mbaud)

Question asked by Juan Cerrudo on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Juan Cerrudo

Hi there!

I'm using an LPC1769 to send data to a PC. I'm using UART3 to send data through a FT232H. I've changed FTDI's drivers in order to alias high baudrates to lower ones, like: ( )

I've tried several; 6, 4, 3 and 2Mbaud, but only manage to get it woking with 2Mbaud. I can see the data sent by the MCU to the PC with out problems but when I try to send data to the MCU the packets have errors. I think the problem migth be due to inaccuracies with the MCU baudrate.

If I meassure the FT232 speed at 3Mbaud for example I get an error of +-0,05. With the LPC1769 that difference is +-1%, could that be the problem? It seems like the FT232 is able to tolerate the MCU diferent baudrate but the MCU can't.


I think there is nothing wrong with the configuration;

DLL = 0x02

DLM = 0x00

FDR = 0x41


Anyone have any idea how to use the  LPC at high baudrates? The maximum is 6.25M according to the datasheet.