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How to recover S32K148 while debugger can not connect to target

Question asked by Marcin Krzeminski on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Paul Chui

My image builder tool has created wrong srec binary. After flashing one it is impossible to connect to S32K148 (using J-Link and P&E micro).

I have already tried:

  • "Emergency Kinetis Device Recover by Full Chip Erase" option with P&E and S32DS
  • "Kinetis_Recovery_Utility" with P&E does not do the trick for me.
  • "unlock kinetis" from J-Commander or J-Flash can not erase flash.
  • J-Link command with the script (erase_all_pin.jlk) from topic: can not solve the issue (full logs attached):

From MDM-AP Status register (0x34) looks like System is in reset state, system security is enabled and fortunately mass erase is still enabled. I find that mass erase is not working because "Flash memory ready" bit is not set. I assume it is because from some reason processor did not boot.

Is it possible to somehow rescue this chip in this circumstances? What else can I check?