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Unable to compile RT1051 C++ project

Question asked by Mateusz Piesta on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by Anirudhan Madhavan



Since few hours I'm struggling with compilation error of C++ project based on RT1051 uC. During my investigation I found that those two defines from fsl_clock.h are causing problems:




I'm using GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain Version 8-2018-q4-major and CMake, compilator spits those errors:


../bsp/drivers/fsl_clock.h:90:110: error: dereferencing a null pointer in '*0'
#define CCM_ANALOG_TUPLE(reg, shift) ((((uint32_t)(&((CCM_ANALOG_Type *)0U)->reg) & 0xFFFU) << 16U) | (shift))

../bsp/drivers/fsl_clock.h:90:110: error: enumerator value for 'kCLOCK_PllUsb2' is not an integer constant
#define CCM_ANALOG_TUPLE(reg, shift) ((((uint32_t)(&((CCM_ANALOG_Type *)0U)->reg) & 0xFFFU) << 16U) | (shift))


../bsp/drivers/fsl_clock.h:594:34: error: expression '0->CCM_Type::CCSR' has side-effects
((((uint32_t)(&((CCM_Type *)0U)->reg)) & 0xFFU) | ((shift) << 8U) | ((((mask) >> (shift)) & 0x1FFFU) << 13U) | \
((busyShift) << 26U))

It looks like g++ compiler is having some difficulties with compiling those macros. 


If I won't include "fsl_clock.h" compilation is working. There is no such problem when using gcc compiler.


Any ideas how to fix this issue ? I would be very grateful.


Best Regards

Mateusz Piesta