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DMA Channel 4 Interrupt Problem

Question asked by John Power on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Mark Butcher


I am using the MKE14Z256.

My application is using 6 DMA channels. 2 UARTs RX and TX use Channels 0-3.

Channel 4 is set up to move ADC Data when conversion completes. 

The DMA Channel 4 is set up to move 8 32 bit words to memory, and I can see that this completes.

The data is transferred and DMA-TCD4-CSR -> DONE bit gets set and DMA-TCD4-CSR -> INTMAJOR gets set.

Also DMA-INT->INT4 gets set and the Reference Manual says : "The outputs of this register are directly routed to the interrupt controller."

NVIC ISER indicates that the DMA0/4 transfer complete interrupt is enabled (Bit 0).

No interrupt occurs.

However, if I cause an interrupt on DMA Channel 0, DMA0_04_DriverIRQHandler(void) also checks the Channel 4 interrupt bit and executes the interrupt routine.

It appears that the DMA Channel 4 interrupt bit does not cause an interrupt. Am I missing something?