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Discussion created by Bengt-Olov Andersson on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2009 by DENNY GEORGE
I'm trying to set up the S08TPMV3 module in MC9S08DZ32 for the first time and some questions arises.
I'm planning to use TPM2 as a pure SW timer and in the Data Sheet for MC9S08DZ32, chapter 16.1.2 (Modes of operation) it's written:
The output compare action may be selected to force the pin to zero, force the pin to one, toggle the pin, or ignore the pin (used for software timing functions).
Then I read the register definitions under 16.3.4 and in the table 16-6 all configurations for the output compare mode are mentioned except for the 'ignore pin mode'. The ELSnB:ELSnA combination 0:0 is omitted in the table and I wonder if this might be the setting for the 'ignore pin mode'.?
Is it possible to use the TPM as a software timer, ignore the pin and then use this pin for general I/O purposes at the same time??