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OpenCV 3.0 T-API (OpenCL) CL_Error

Question asked by Guy Or Freeman on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Guy Or Freeman
I am running a Yocto Disto on IMX8 SOM with OpenCV 3.0 support.
The Goal of this pilot is running the OpenCV function goodFeaturesToTrack() with OpenCL (using the Vivante on the IMX8).
The OpenCL code works well on the platform, but when I tried running the OpenCV goodFeaturesToTrack() function I get the OpenCL runtime error of CL_INVALID_WORK_GROUP_SIZE (-54) 
At first glance, I would expect the OpenCV 3.0 to query the hardware and set the OpenCL environment accordingly or advise the programmer how to control the workgroup parameters. 
From googling around I understand the nature of the error but I didn't find any OpenCV 3.0 support of how to configure the OpenCL kernel or OpenCL environment being used by OpenCV.
Please Help