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LS1012AFRWY Bootloader

Question asked by James Finniss on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by ufedor



I'm working with a LS1012AFRWY eval board and when it is plugged into the PC, nothing appears until the reset button is pressed.


When reset is pressed, a storage device "BOOTLOADER" appears and inside the storage device is a file "bootload.htm"


Previously the board would present a storage device "MBED" and a USB->Serial port that could be used to access U-Boot, etc.


EDIT: I've found a k20 firmware file on these forums and successfully uploaded that and now have the "MBED" and UART access again but the UART doesn't give U-Boot output like before. I guess now i will need to re-flash U-Boot, etc through the k20 CMSIS DAP. Is there any guide for this?