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FlexCAN Message Buffer initialization

Question asked by Ondřej Urban on Jan 22, 2019



Im using FlexCAN with CAN FD on MPC5748G.

Im still a little confused about proper initialization of MBs.


Lets say I want a simple demo application, that uses loopback mode to transmit and receive one ID message.


Then I have to configure one Rx MB by setting its ID filter and mask and also CODE to 0x04 (empty).

Second MB is used for transmission, so I simply write 0 to its CS register.


When I want to send a message, I use Tx MB - check its state and write ID, data, and so on... and by writing 0x0C to CODE, the MB enters the arbitration process and the message is transmitted.


Am I right?


Problem is that when I do the steps above, the Tx MB is not sent - code of the MB still remains 0x0C.

(Rx interrupt is only generated when I use the Rx MB - then, after writing 0x0C to CODE field which is then changed to 0x08. But I guess its simply because I directly modify the Rx MB).


Did I miss something, or is the mistake somewhere else in my code?



Thank you, Ondřej.