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SPI slave select PINs

Question asked by antonio portaluri on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Felipe García
If I understand well, when I configure the SPI master, I have to use the PCSn PINs as slave select PINs. These PINs depend on the SPIn port. For example, my board (FRDM-K28F) has only 1 PCS for SPI3, 2 PCSs for SPI2, etc.


1. So if I want to use 2 SPI slaves I have to configure kDSPI_Ctar0 for PCS0 and kDSPI_Ctar1 for PCS1, isn't it?

2. And what about if I want to use my own PIN as slave select (I mean custom pin to set high and low from GPIO driver)? Is it possible? For example, can I configure in SPI3 one slave with the PCS0 and another using an external GPIO as slave select pin for a second device?

3. And what about to use only custom PINs as slave select? Is it possible?


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