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ZigBee IAS Zone enroll response problem

Question asked by minjeonglee on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hello everyone,


I have BeyondStudio for NXP with JN-SW-4168 SDK and JN5168. I'm using a JN-AN-1223 for ZigBee coordinator.


I am trying to connect presence sensor to the coordinator.

First presence sensor connect to coordinator successfully including enroll request/response and I checked presence sensor notify IAS zone status changed to coordinator.

When I tried to connect another presence sensor to same coordinator, however, I found coordinator send enroll response code to 0x04 from enroll response message.

This presence sensor does not send message, which IAS zone status changed, and I think that was caused coordinator does not send enroll response message with success(0x00) response to the sensor.


Could someone let me know why coordinator send enroll response message with 0x04 response code and what does this response code means?