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EzPort timing before configuration has been loaded.

Question asked by Jun Chen on Jan 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Fang Li

I am trying to program MCF5213 via EzPort, and I found there is a  EzPORT initialization flow as below:


EzPORT initialization:
• EzPORT initialization obey Figure 2.
• Execute the RDSR command and continue only if the FS flag is cleared, this means the internal
flash is not secured.
• Execute WREN command
• Execute RDSR and see if WEN flag is set
• Execute WRCR command sending clock configuration
• Execute RDSR command and wait until the write in progress (WIP) flag is cleared.
• Execute RDSR command and check the configuration register loaded (CRL) flag is set. Verify
CRL is the only flag set (no WEP), otherwise there is an error.


My question is, how much frequency is propriety for Master to send instruction into Slave via EzPort before I set configuration register ?