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MPC5746B Controller Transition to Standby Mode Failure

Question asked by Sunil Gowd on Jan 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by yang xiao

We have sourced the MCAL for the uC 5746B, CDB package: CBD1500353_D04_Mpc57xx. We are currently using the MCAL release 1.0.2.


When we put the Micro to Sleep and wakeup periodically, some times MPC5746B Controller Transition to Standby Mode is getting failed and the reason is BCTU Peripheral is active (MC_ME_PS0 register) because of ongoing trigger. Register details of MC_ME_PS & BCTU TRGCFG registers are attached (TRGCFG_14).


Please let us know the steps to disable BCTU module in order to see Controller mode transition to STANDBY mode successful.


Also configuration files for MCU, PWM, ADC & PORT are attached.