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Issue with FlexCAN in iMX6ULL

Question asked by Biju Nair on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi Gurus,


I am using a custom board based on iMX6ULL (Let me call it My-board) and trying to use CAN in this platform. I am able to bringup the CAN interface and i am able to send data to  CAN-Mate (This is a CAN Analyser/Sniffer). But when i replace the CAN-Mate with another custom board which has a CAN interface (Let me call it as CAN-Display-Board), the transmission fails. Basically, the destination device is able to get the first packet but then i see continuous transactions in the BUS and then any subsequent packet send from my platform will fail.


My-board             CAN-Mate

       +                          +

        |----------------------|                     <===== This is working good


My-board             CAN-Display-Board

       +                          +

        |----------------------|                     <===== This is FAILING


But if i connect the CAN-Mate along with my platform and the CAN-Display-Board, i see that data transmission is working good. 


My-board             CAN-Display-Board          CAN-Mate

       +                          +                                         +

        |----------------------|-----------------------------------|                    <===== This is working good



PS : I am using Linux 4.1.15 on this platform.

PS2: I am terminating the bus with proper resistance values before i do the testing.


Can someone throw some light on this ? Any help is highly appreciated.


Regards, Biju