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Synchronizing two emios modules on MPC5604B

Question asked by Yu Yang Liu on Jan 18, 2019
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I am considering using MPC5604B for an application where lots of pulsed outputs are needed. And all the pulses needs to be timed on a single timer.

I understand that MPC5604B has two separate EMIOS timer modules and in the reference manual, it is briefly mentioned that the two modules can be synchronized. I would like to know how I can synchronize the two Emios modules.

For example, if I want ALL the channels in the two modules to be timed onto a single BUS A, do I need only to configure the channel 23 of emios0 and all channels in emios1 would automatically be on bus A of emios0? Or do I need to configure both channel23 of both modules? But in that case, how do I make sure both modules are totally in synch?