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Question asked by Madeleine Roche on Jan 18, 2019
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I am wondering if the following situation will damage the NTB or NTS devices at all. 

VCCA is tied to a local 1.8V regulator that will always be on once the board is powered up. VCCB is tied to a header for external devices and may either be floating or tied to ground through 1k resistor until power is applied to the header. The OE enable pin is tied low through a pull down resistor until driven high by a GPIO from the processor or by VCCB. 

Will the device be damaged if VCCA is 1.8V, VCCB is tied low or floating (please address both situations in your response) and OE is low and tri states signals until VCCB comes up and then is driven high for signal translation. 


Please let me know! 


Thank you