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Problem with MCU Bootloader 2.0.0 and update with USB-HID interface

Question asked by Abi Farsoni on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Abi Farsoni

Hi All,

I’m using MCU Bootloader 2.0.0 and KinetisFlashTool with FRDM-K64F. I followed the steps to test the Bootloader and KinetisFlashTool as described in MCU Bootloader Demo Applications User's Guide (Document Number: MBOOTDEMOUG).

After loading the Bootloader to the device (through OpenSDA) I was able to use KinetisFlashTool and update the application using UART Port set in KinetisFlashTool. Using UART Port, I see that the blhost works as expected.

To update the application through USB-HID, I used the K64F USB port on board (J22) and set the Port in KinetisFlashTool to USB-HID. The BCA area in the application was updated to prepare both UART and USB peripherals as shown in the attached snapshot.

Unfortunately, no connection is made through the USB port, see the error message in the attached snapshot.

Error: Connect device failed(Error: UsbHidPeripheral() cannot open USB HID device (vid=0x15a2, pid=0x0073, sn=).).

The USB connection is not even in the Device Manager.

Am I missing anything to do before using the USB-HID to update the application using Bootloader?

Should I make any changes in the Bootloader project to prepare it for a USB-HID update?


Any help will be appreciated!