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Not change u-boot environment from user-space with custom board based on iMX7DSABRESD

Question asked by Tuyen Nguyen on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Artur Petukhov


We are using a customized board based on iMX7DSABRESD with emmc(usdhc3) .I used imx usb loader to flash u-boot for a customized board ( i do not use MFG tool). I am using u-boot u-boot-imx version 2017.03. It worked fine. When we change u-boot environment from kernel (user-space) by fw_setenv ( building from u-boot-imx version 2017.03) after using fw_printenv , I see u-boot environment is changed, but after reboot it is NOT be changed.


in file include/configs/myboard.h I set :

/* environment organization */
#define CONFIG_ENV_SIZE            SZ_8K
#define CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET        (14 * SZ_64K)

--> I must be to set in file /etc/fw_env.config

/dev/mmcblk2            0xE0000         0x2000


We don't know why. Please give us some advice.


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