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SDK2.0 MTD UBOOT NOR Partition Configuration

Question asked by Tracy Smith on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov

How do I configure MTD NOR partitions in uboot on SDK 2.0? 


Assume no recipes are needed.  Just .config and any driver or device tree configuration that might be needed.  For instance why are these .config options not accepted by uboot in SDK 2.0 and should MTD PARTITIONS be set in .config?  Is the




CONFIG_CMD_MTDPARTS * MTD partition support

CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS Memory Technology Device partition table.


Under devices->mtd there are driver options.  Trying to configure IFS NOR and not SPI.  Is the CFI flash driver required in uboot or kernel configuration to list the NOR partitions using mtdinfo? 


This is what I want to be able to see when I do a mtdinfo in linux. What is needed to make this happen for SDK 2.0. NOR IFS is working fine.  I do not see a /dev/mtd in linux either.  What uboot configuration and kernel configuration is needed?


#define MTDPARTS_DEFAULT "mtdparts=60000000.nor:1m(nor_bank0_rcw)," \

                        "1m(nor_bank0_uboot),1m(nor_bank0_uboot_env)," \

                        "1m(nor_bank0_fman_uconde),40m(nor_bank0_fit)," \

                        "1m(nor_bank4_rcw),1m(nor_bank4_uboot)," \

                        "1m(nor_bank4_uboot_env),1m(nor_bank4_fman_ucode)," \

                        "40m(nor_bank4_fit);7e800000.flash:" \

                        "4m(nand_uboot),36m(nand_kernel)," \

                        "472m(nand_free);spi0.0:2m(uboot)," \