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imxRT1062 speed CPU

Question asked by Joan De La Torre on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

I have imx.RT1062 CPU in a develper board MIMXRT1060-EVK, with last version Xpresso v10.3.0 and last MCUXpresso config 5.0.

The problem is the speed of executation, I need a faster application.


I test the speed of two assembler instruction to toggle and output pin.

        __asm("STR.W R2,[R3,#140]");
        __asm("STR.W R2,[R3,#140]");


CPU is config with 600MHz, and 150MHz

The program is in SRAM_ITC and data in SRAM_DTC. (faster allocation speed )

     BOARD_FLASH:          0 GB         8 MB      0.00%

        SRAM_DTC:       26348 B       128 KB     20.10%

        SRAM_ITC:       16304 B       128 KB     12.44%

         SRAM_OC:          0 GB       768 KB      0.00%

     BOARD_SDRAM:          0 GB        32 MB      0.00%

But the signal need 80nS to change.


How is possible one 32 bits instruction (in theory 1 cicle CPU) need 80nS, when 600MHz is a 1.66nS or 150MHz (6.66ns cycle)?.

I read that GPIO clock is 150MHz (6.66nS cycle) maximum but how affect?.

The CPU MK66 at 150MHZ is faster.


When I execute the pc register is in 0x20000000 (SRAM_DTC) and not in 0x00000 (SRAM_ITC) segment. Why?.