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Android O8.1.0_1.1.0_AUTO for i.MX 8QuadMax / 8QuadXPlus Beta compilation error

Question asked by Hrishikesh Deleep on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas


I am compiling  Android O8.1.0_1.1.0_AUTO for i.MX 8QuadMax / 8QuadXPlus Beta for IMX8QXP. I followed the steps given  in documentation user guide. 

I got  an error on  "Communication error with Jack server (1), try 'jack-diagnose' or see Jack server log". 

I tried increasing my RAM to 8 GB, swap size 20 GB and have a 112 GB free disk space.

Also tried the steps given  in this  link. But got the same error.

building ASOP 8.0 fails at Jack server · Issue #19 · sonyxperiadev/device-sony-lilac · GitHub

I was not able to find .jack-server/ file in my home directory.

Also attaching the log file of error.