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IMX8M series processor regarding LCDIF interface

Question asked by karan chauhan on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Joan Xie

Hi All and Karina Valencia Aguilar,


I have queries on the i.MX8M processor as follow:
1. Does i.MX8M (Dual lite/Dual/Quad) series processor supported LCDIF (parallel RGB666/888) interface? 
I have downloaded the technical datasheet document#  "IMX8MDQLQIEC" from NXP website which has information about the LCDIF parallel interface and also written that it supports the LCDIF interface but does not have pins information.  The same information has been given in the reference manual of i.MX8M series processor in detailed document# "IMX8MDQLQRM" but on the NXP website  mentioned that LCDIF (parallel RGB666/888) interface is not available in the i.MX8M series but it is available in the i.MX8 series processor. Can anyone clarify on this?
2. Can anyone share the i.MX8M series processor complete pin muxing report ?
3. Can anyone share the release date of the i.MX8 (Dual Core cortex -A72 and quad core cortex -A53) series processor which is in the pre production status right now on NXP website?
Best Regards,
Karan Chauhan