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How to dual-player on I.MX8M board

Question asked by coin du on Jan 16, 2019
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          I want to know to play different video on different displays.

          Environmental description:

                       linux system

                       kernel version    4.9.88


         DCSS connect to HDMI, LCDIF connect to mipi and mipi bridge to lvds display.


when the system is up ,the kernel logo and psplash display on the HDMI screen and the weston desktop display on the  panel. Under the directory /dev can find fb0 and fb1 . no matter how to fill picture on fb1,the panel still display the weston desktop.   but use mouse and keypad can move and input keys on the panel . 

        If I play a video, it will display on the HDMI screen. so i think the HDMI and panel work well  at least.

the Document i.MX_Graphics_User's_Guide.pdf  Playing different videos on different displays

       video-sink is not exist on the system.


         please give me the command to test it. Thanks.