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LPCxpresso51u68 and deep sleep current consumtion

Question asked by omer Tchernichovsky on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by Alice_Yang


im a new user to the LPC51u68, and using the LPCxpresso51u68 board.


im made a code to measure the current consumption in both deep sleep mode and in active mode with all the peripherals that would run by my application.


before measuring the current consumption, i removed  JS17, JS10 and R72 before mesauring the current.

i connected my current meter between the pins of JP6. all as mentioned in the Xpresso board manual.

i even disconnected R72 and connected JP3.

im using a keysight DMM 34461A for the current measurement.


i tried running both my application and the Utick_wakeup example, all measurements in both applications show me a current consumption of 3.9mA at deep sleep mode.


active mode show current consumption of about 7mA.


what am i missing or doing wrong?

the datasheet shows that the current should in the lower uA area.


thank you