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FreeMASTER open S32K_PMSM_Sensorless.pmp error

Question asked by David Stebani on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by David Stebani

I am trying to follow the Quick Start Guide MTRDEVKSPNK144QSG.pdf of my MTRDEVKSPNK144: 3-phase PMSM Development Kit with NXP S32K144 MCU


I am failing at step 9: FreeMASTER Setup

After trying to open the S32K_PMSM_Sensorless.pmp file, an error message pops up (see attached screenshot).

It says: "C:\NXP\MC_DevKits\MTRDEVKSPNK144\sw\MTRDEVKSPNK144_S32DS\FreeMASTER_control\S32K_PMSM_Sensorless.pmp wurde ein falsches Dateihandle zugeordnet."

It translates into "C:\...\S32K_PMSM_Sensorless.pmp was assigned to a wrong file handler".

When clicking "OK" the message disappears, but the project doesn't open.


Please help.