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Host PC for using Codwarrior with demo9s08QG8 only windows xp or vista?

Question asked by Gerd Meinert on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by Gerd Meinert

Some years ago a worked for a long time with MC68HC908QT4. I have programm and debug my Assembler Program with Codewarrior in Monitor Mode or User Monitor Mode.

Now I would like to use new MCS08QG Controller and I would bye demo9s08QG8 packet with Codewarrior inclused.

Now is my Question for all ... YES or NO ... : My host PC has  Windows 10, 32 bit. Can I use him?

The answer is NO what i read in NXP Dokumentation!

Can you make me hope?

With bes regards

Gerd Meinert