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TCP Network performace issues

Question asked by Sebastian Vinezenz on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Victor Linnik



i'm evaluating the i.MX 8M processor to be used in a new project. Therefore i'm using the i.MX 8M Quad Evaluation Kit with the most recent prebuild embedded linux image 4.14.78.


A key feature for me is the TCP network performance throughput and response time.

My setup is a point to point connection between the eval board and a Win 7 PC with dedicated network interface Intel PRO/1000 PT.

Out of the box i've hard trouble to reach the expected gigabit performance or echo response times.

For measurement i've been using the iperf3 (v3.1.3) and also a simple python stupid script wich uses sockets.

The maximum of transfer speed i can achieve is about:

PC --> i.MX 8M = 360 MBit/s

i.MX 8M --> PC = 570 MBit/s

Echo Response = 1.2 ms


The Echo Response is measured with the python script sending 64 Byte and receives this again. Also the quiet common ping command show this slow response for > 1ms in comparison to others with < 1ms.


For comparison i've used a Avnet UltraZ SOM evaluation board with equal setup and can achieve the expected performance:

PC --> UltraZ = 800 MBit/s

UltraZ --> PC = 900 MBit/s

Echo Response = 75 us


Can anyone confirm this performance issues and possibly explain that?

Is there any hardware bottleneck or is it more driver/software issue?


Thank you for your support

Best regards