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imx6 wdt timeout value

Question asked by zhang jie on Jan 15, 2019
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i have two question, pls give me some advice.


1. the wdt max timeout value,

i check the manual, it seems to be 128s   (WCR_WT)

but when i set a longer timeout value, it can reset system in my set time value.

about this, do i mistake something?


2.i want to keep wdt work in low power mode.

so i tried the follow action.


static inline void imx2_wdt_setup(struct watchdog_device *wdog)
struct imx2_wdt_device *wdev = watchdog_get_drvdata(wdog);
u32 val;

regmap_read(wdev->regmap, IMX2_WDT_WCR, &val);

/* Suspend timer in low power mode, write once-only */
//val |= IMX2_WDT_WCR_WDZST;


i modify the last line code. but it still can not keep watchdog work in stop mode.

my source is base on


the situation is :

i open the watchdog first, then I make system into stop mode. it can not reset in expected timeout . it will keep sleep .

and when i wake up system, it will reset when timeout.

and if I just open the watchdog,and not let system into sleep, it will reset when timeout.


i will appreciate it if you can reply.


best regards