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How to start to use OPENSDA on a new build board

Question asked by yantao dong on Jan 15, 2019
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 I refered the DEVIT-MPC5748 board and designed a new customed MPC5748 boards, and also I put the OPENSDA on it.

 Now I just got the new boards, and start to program on them using PE debugger, since we just have only one PE debugger, so I want to make my on board OPENSDA to work, but I don't konw how to make it work.

So anyone can tell me step by step, thanks.


The things I have tried are listed as blew:

1. Long pressed "BootLoader" button insert the USB cable, and desired to enter bootloard mode ,but failed.

    I think it is because that is an empty MCU, so it should be no response to the PC.

2. No waveforms on the 8MHz crytal, i think is similar with No.1.

3. Measured the 8MHz cratal on DEVKIT board, it works good.

4. Take the MK20 MCU off from DEVKIT board and soldered to my customed board, my board can be debuged by OPENSDA.

5. after my board OPENSDA works by swap IC, make the same operation as No.1 , Bootloader mode can be entered.


I want to make more boards to be debugged by OPENSDA.

so please tell me how to make my OPENSDA works not by swap IC.




Best regards